Why I Teach: Vivid Existence founder Leela Francis

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Thank you Leela for all the gifts that come through you, the incredible energy , integrity and intention you focus on the journeys you have created and shared at Present Moment. This article has touched me deeply.

"What I understand now, is that while the body is birthed only once, the heart is birthed over and over in a lifetime. Like a butterfly’s wings that open and close for it to fly, so too must the heart open and close. It is this birthing and re-birthing of the heart that is why I teach. "

These words are precious, intimate, clear...and draw me closer to you as a dear Sister and teacher.

andrea vita kaufman more than 3 years ago


to dance along side Leela and my other goddess sisters is a gift I will always treasure- such an expression of spirit!

Maureen more than 3 years ago

Full out free expression

This is a beautiful article, Leela. I look forward to my daughter and I dancing with you someday.

BE Blessed!

Deborah Torres Patel more than 3 years ago

Dancing in Mexico

Indeed, we are dancing in Mexico at the beautiful Present Moment Retreat (www.presentmomentretreat.com). Not sure how we ended up in Bali!


Leela Francis more than 3 years ago

Leela's Article

Thank you Leela for sharing this beautiful article. I am ever inspired by you and the way you are able to hold sacred space for others to share, express, heal and transform through dance!

I noticed the photo caption says "Dancing in Bali"...amazing how much it looks like Present Moment Retreat in Mexico! 

Much Love and Light!

CJ Ananda more than 3 years ago

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