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  • Empowering movement leaders to succeed.

  • Telling your stories of transformation.

  • Creating an embodied global community.

OFFICE PHONE: 510-778-9131


Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: Mark Metz <mark@consciousdancer.com>

Managing Editor: Rachel Trachten <rachel@consciousdancer.com>

Executive Admin: Lauren Minis <lulu@consciousdancer.com>

Account Admin: Beth Kuehn <beth@simplebackoffice.com>

Editorial Admin: Alexandra Maida <alexandra@consciousdancer.com>

Customer Service: Naias Kabir <naias@consciousdancer.com>

Administrative Support: Dina Hady <dina@consciousdancer.com>

Community Liaison: Liz Mac <liz@consciousdancer.com>


Founded in April of 2007 by Mark Metz & Aspen Madrone

Published by Moving Arts International 

Mailing Address: PO BOX 2330, Berkeley, CA 94702

Conscious Dancer™ and DanceFirst™ © 2007 - Present

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