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#111 - Monday Love to the Sierraville EarthSpirit Soulwise retreat, and how to never forget another name!

If there's one habit you can build that will guarantee your popularity, it's this. Learn people's names! Be obsessive about it. Put some effort into it and it will pay off. more »

#110 - Monday Love to analog parents and changing the future by Turning the Wheel

Do you ever have to zoom out to get the big picture? Sometimes you have to take several steps back from a situation to see the long-term view. It's like the seven generations mindset of our Native American ancestors. more »

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#109 - Monday Love with a Na-nah-Nah-NAH! and your chance to WOW w/ Laura Cirolia

We ended one of our SpiritDance SoulSong sessions in Bali dancing in a big vivencia-style circle singing the na-NAH’s at the top of our lungs, so I’m just sharing some of the juice with you. more »

#108 - Monday Love to the Tamalpa Team, and Good Tidings from the Cosmic Freeway!

Have you ever found yourself at an offramp on the cosmic freeway? Back in the hippie-dippy hitchhiking days of the 60s and 70s these were spots like the Haight Ashbury, Boulder or Santa Cruz. more »

Apr 17, 2015 2:39 PM

#107- Monday Love from Bali, and shout out to Showgirl Awakening and NCDC's Dance Camp.

I must say, Bali is exceeding all my expectations! I can see why spiritually oriented Westerners from around the world make this their tropical destination. more »

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