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So far—Gay Hendricks, Debbie Rosas, Sondra Fraleigh, Fred Sugarman, Lamara Heartwell, Wren LaFeet, Cynthia Winton-Henry, Samantha Sweetwater, Toni Bergins and Daria Halprin. Watch the quick how-to podcasts video. more »

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Monday Love 88: Monday Love to Living Ensemble's Taira Restar and delighting in your decisions

Taira Restar, creator of Living Ensemble is one of those Dance First members who raises the bar for everyone. You may know of her from her work with Anna and Daria Halprin, she most recently led trainings in more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 87: Luminary Leaders Love note on your behalf and big ups to Banafsheh and Dance of Oneness!

That’s why I’m delighted to spotlight Banafsheh for you this week! Dance of Oneness® is the “transformational philosophy and movement practice” she designed drawing upon a lifetime of experience. more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 86: Monday Love to globe-spanning Chakradance and Upshift update details.

That’s why Chakradance is under this weeks spotlight! With over 160 facilitators in 22 countries, this movement phenomenon founded by Natalie Southgate in London in 1998 continues to grow and change lives around the world. Pioneers in distance more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 85: Upshift Love to you and 897 of my dear friends. (are you inside?)

And now folks, it’s my birthday, and I must be off to do some dancing! It’s been a special day, with an invitation to DJ at a certain celebrated authors birthday soiree being the icing on my cake. I'm so happy and grateful to be here on the dawn more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 84: Libra Love to Liz Mac and why I like you better as a demographic of one.

This weeks subject is the connection between rhythm and rejuvenation. Laura uncovered some amazing material at the Globe Sound Healing Conference last week, and went one step further by attending the rare TaKeTiNa workshop hosted by James Word (L) more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 83: Tuesday Love to Lillie Cintron and win a pair of Flow Toys PodPoi by sharing your thoughts.

This weeks love-beam is for new Dance First member Lillie Cintron! We really love onboarding new members and enjoy helping you with your copy and images for new Upshift pages. Lillie is a community dance leader in St. Petersburg Florida, and friend more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 82: Monday Love to Rana Satori—conscious clothier and contact star at the Ecstatic Retreat!

You’ll see fresh looks from Autumn Teneyl, Queen of Hearts, Leom Designs, and this weeks spotlight personality, our long-time collaborator Rana Satori! more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 81: Monday Love to Ekayani and Yoga on the Dance Floor plus Gift Guide update and new member shout-outs

That’s why the spotlight is shining on Ekayani and Yoga on the Dance Floor today! She’s a performing artist that’s been on our radar as a conscious dance headliner for a long time more »

Monday Loves

Monday Love 80: Monday Love to the Kinetic Voice of Lis Addison, and a little musing about music...

KiVo, short for the Kinetic Voice, is the brainchild of Lis Addison. She’s a powerhouse of inspiration operating both here on the West Coast and in Africa, an award-winning composer with a knack for rhythm and dance. more »

Monday Loves

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